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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution EVO Complete Suspension Conversion Bundle

£6,100.00 (inc Tax) £5,083.33 (exc Tax)

Product Description

The Momentum Motorsport Complete Conversion delivers the most dramatic, extensive & beneficial chassis modification available for an EVO.

The Conversion Consists Of:

  • Momentum Motorsport Tubular Front Subframe
  • Momentum Motorsport Tubular Rear Subframe
  • Momentum Motorsport Front Tubular Adjustable Arms
  • Momentum Motorsport Adjustable Rear Camber Arms
  • Momentum Motorpsort Adjustable Rear Toe Links

The conversion completely solidly mounts both ends of your car while simultaniously offering a huge range of adjustment over every element of your cars geometry - front & rear.

Mitsubishi EVO 7 8 9 Light Weight Tubular Front Sub Frame

Momentum Motorsport Tubular Front Sub-Frame:

 • Solid Mounts The Entire Front Suspension

• Manufactured From CDS & T45 Tubular Steel, Resulting In Greatly Increased Rigidity and Strength

• Allows For Hugely Increased Castor Angles, Greatly Improving Turn In Response

• Provides a 5KG Weight Saving Over The OEM Components

• Available With Either Standard or Revised Geometry Points

Many assume that fitting a tubular subframe to their car has only one benefit - weight saving. In the case of the Momentum Motorsport Tubular Front Sub-Frame, that most certainly isn’t true. By fitting one of our front sub-frames to your car you do indeed save weight - some 5KG in fact. However in addition to the weight saving, you also vastly increase the strength and rigidity of the whole front suspension assembly through solid-mounting every component. This increased strength and rigidity minimizes flex, in turn helping to maintain geometry settings under load, maximizing response and grip. Further enhancing the benefits of fitting our sub-frame is the option for customers to choose our revised geometry points. These revised points allow for massively increased rake and castor angles. The increased castor and rake angles permitted by these geometry points provides much improved turn-in response, damper control and stability. For those who demand absolute adjustability and suspension control combining our front-subframe with our rose-jointed adjustable front arms gives you complete control over a huge range of camber, castor, rake and toe adjustment. 


Mitsubishi EVO 4 > 9 RS Light Weight Tubular Rear Sub Frame

Momentum Motorsport Tubular Rear Sub-Frame Conversions For Mitsubishi EVO 4-9 Feature:

• 20kg Weight Saving Over OEM Cast Parts

• All Components TIG Welded for Strength

• Can Be Custom Made to Accommodate Almost All Requirements

• Delivered In Bare Metal or Painted/Powdercoated In Any Colour

• Solid Mounts The Entire Rear Suspension Assembly

The standard rear sub-frame fitted by Mitsubishi is mounted through soft rubber bushes. The use of these bushes greatly improves refinement and comfort by absorbing vibration and softening jolts resulting from pot holes and less than perfect road surfaces, and as such are a desirable feature for a road car. However, the increases in power output and cornering forces associated with serious competition use exacerbates the inherent flex in these rubber bushes. As a result the forces generated through hard acceleration and high speed cornering are passed through to the rear differential and driveshafts. These additional stresses can cause premature failure of these components, as well as upsetting the rear suspension geometry of the car compromising handling. The Momentum Motorsport Tubular Rear Sub-Frame removes these bushes and mounts solidly to the shell, as a result the flex inherent with rubber bushes is removed. The positive effect of this is that it removes unnecessary stress on the differential and driveshafts as well as greatly stiffening the rear of the car allowing the suspension components to perform to their full potential. Furthermore replacing the original cast sub-frame components with the tubular design provides a weight saving of 20kg.


Mitsubishi EVO 4 > 9 Billet Adjustable Rear Toe Control Arms

Momentum Motorsport EVO 4-9 Adjustable Rear Toe Links Feature:

• In House Manufacturing From Hardened Steel For Durability

• Fitted with Ultra High Performance Kevlar/Teflon Bearing Rose Joints

• Allows For a Huge Range of Toe Adjustment

• Mounts Via Factory Pickup Points For Easy Installation

• Delivered In Pairs Fully Assembled Ready For Fitment

No matter what Motorsport discipline your interest lies within, a successful race car requires a finely tuned and precise geometry setup. Unfortunately the standard rear toe links provided by Mitsubishi simply won’t provide the level of adjustment required to develop an effective setup. The other shortfall of the OEM links are the rubber mounting bushes which permit a level of flex at both ends of the link. This flex allows the geometry to vary under load, hurting the handling characteristics of the car. Our high quality hardened steel adjustable toe links provide a huge level of adjustability, far in excess of the needs of even the most aggressive geometry setups. The other benefit of our toe links is that the hardened steel construction is complemented by Ultra High Performance Teflon/Kevlar Rose Joints. The combination of these two elements allows for easy toe adjustment as well as solid mounting points eliminating flex, in turn maximising the effect of your geometry settings. The benefits felt by fitting our toe links can be enhanced further through combining them with our tubular rear subframe and our adjustable rear track control arms. The combination of all three elements creates an extremely light weight, rigid, and fully adjustable rear suspension format.

Mitsubishi EVO 4>9 Billet Alloy Rear Track Control Camber Arms

Momentum Motorsport Tubular Front Lower Arms:

• Can Be Used In Conjunction With The Standard Front Sub-Frame

• Vast Increase In Strength Over OEM Parts

• Allows For Massive Caster And Camber Adjustment

• Creates a Wider Front Track

• Solid Mounts The Front Arms Via Ultra High Performance Teflon-Kevlar Rose Joints 

The standard lower arms are perfectly adequate for the role they were intended to fulfill - a cost effective lower arm to withstand road use and provide noise vibration and harshness control. However when your car's primary function is no longer to be an everyday road car, the demands placed on the front arms change dramatically. Not only is greater strength required to withstand the much greater stresses of race use but precise and substantial geometry changes also become essential for effective track use. The Momentum Motorsport Front Lower Arms offer hugely increased strength, 5 degrees of extra caster adjustment and an increase of front track if desired. Our Front arms also offer a massive range of camber adjustment so that you can extremely easily and precisely alter your alignment to create the setup an effective competition car needs. This is enhanced further by the solid mounting nature of our arms via Ultra High Performance Rose Joints. These joints eliminate the flex inherent with rubber and polyurethane bushes which allows for geometry changes under high load.


We have tested these units in a variety of motor sport applications and found no weak points, although we are selling this item for competition use only.

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