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  • QBE69G with Nissan 350Z bell-housing and gear lever adapter (Not included)
  • QBE69G with Momentum Motorsport's bell-housing fabricated to accomodate the BRZ/GT86.
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  • QMLED Gear Position and Oil Temperature Indicator
  • Gear levers available - two of which are available at an extra cost.

Quaife QBE69G Universal 6-Speed Extra Heavy Duty RWD Sequential Gearbox

£9,318.00 (inc Tax) £7,765.00 (exc Tax)

Product Description

The QBE69G is a heavy-duty in-line, six-speed sequential gearbox. With 90mm shaft centres this compact unit can transmit up to 750bhp. The QBE69G's technical highlights include an integral oil pump and a modular gear cluster, while a drum type sequential gearchange system is allied to an open face dog design on both gear and drive disc, producing a positive, ultra-fast gearshift.

Straight-cut (spur) or helical gear ratios (including overdrive options) and numerous gear lever position options allow customers wide scope for optimising QBE69G to suit individual requirements. Key features of the QBE69G heavy duty six-speed sequential gearbox include:-

• Sequential with straight-cut or helical gears, rated to 750bhp
• Bellhousings include Ford (various), Nissan 350Z, Dodge
Viper, Mazda MX-5, Honda S2000, Ford/Chevy V8 (not included)
• Adaptor kits available for many other vehicles, please call
• Optional gear lever positions to suit individual
vehicle applications
• Digital gear position indicator available
• Ground gears are available
• Weight approximately 48kg


There are multiple bell-housing and adaptor kits available (not included), nose cones and input shafts to suit various makes and models, gear ratios (as seen below), gear/oil temp indicators and shifter types so please call to find out more, or alternativelly send us an email on:


Gear ratios:


  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Spur (1:1) 2.435 1.858 1.494 1.268 1.116 1.000
Spur(1:1) 2.759 2.050 1.565      
Spur (o/d) 2.435 1.858 1.494 1.217 1.000 0.870
Spur (o/d) 2.759 2.050 1.565      
Spur (o/d) 2.063 1.687 1.357 1.151 1.000 0.901
Spur (o/d) 2.211         0.868
Spur (o/d)           0.790
Spur (2o/d) 2.653 1.745 1.306 1.000 0.850 0.762



  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Helical (o/d) 2.719 1.994 1.524 1.208 1.000 0.858

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