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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Evo 4-9 Rear Tubular Subframe

£1,414.99 (inc Tax) £1,179.16 (exc Tax)

Product Description

Momentum Motorsport Tubular Rear Sub-Frame Conversions For Mitsubishi EVO 4-9 Feature:

• 20kg Weight Saving Over OEM Cast Parts

• All Components TIG Welded for Strength

• Can Be Custom Made to Accommodate Almost All Requirements

• Delivered In Bare Metal or Painted/Powdercoated In Any Colour

• Solid Mounts The Entire Rear Suspension Assembly


The standard rear sub-frame fitted by Mitsubishi is mounted through soft rubber bushes. The use of these bushes greatly improves refinement and comfort by absorbing vibration and softening jolts resulting from pot holes and less than perfect road surfaces, and as such are a desirable feature for a road car. However, the increases in power output and cornering forces associated with serious competition use exacerbates the inherent flex in these rubber bushes. As a result the forces generated through hard acceleration and high speed cornering are passed through to the rear differential and driveshafts. These additional stresses can cause premature failure of these components, as well as upsetting the rear suspension geometry of the car compromising handling. The Momentum Motorsport Tubular Rear Sub-Frame removes these bushes and mounts solidly to the shell, as a result the flex inherent with rubber bushes is removed. The positive effect of this is that it removes unnecessary stress on the differential and driveshafts as well as greatly stiffening the rear of the car allowing the suspension components to perform to their full potential. Furthermore replacing the original cast sub-frame components with the tubular design provides a weight saving of 20kg.


*PLEASE NOTE.: FOR USE WITH RS REAR ONLY *We have tested these units in a variety of motor sport applications and found no weak points, although we are selling this item for competition use only.


The Momentum Motorsport Tubular Rear Sub-Frame Conversions For Mitsubishi EVO 4-9, as used in:


Gary Hayward's MLR Sprint Series Evo:



Kenny Wylie's Evo 6:



Phil Reed's UK Time Attack winning Evo 6:



Our Components in Action:




Product Videos:


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