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QBE10J – Honda Civic FK2 / FK8 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox

£10,740.00 (inc Tax) £8,950.00 (exc Tax)

Product Description

The QKE10J war created as a result of Honda's move to the totally new K20C1 turbocharged powerplant for their FK2 and now FK8 chassis. The QKE10J retains the original bellhousing of the FK gearbox, but builds upon it with a new Quaife alloy main case.
This design retains the original mounting points and driveshafts, and incorporates Quaife's state-of-the-art sequential gear change mechanism that renders mis-shift impossible while simultaneously providing ultra-fast gear change times.

We are delighted to say we now have multiple units in stock, fully assembled and ready for dispatch.



1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th     6th
2.769     1.944     1.476     1.182     0.952     0.769
2.769     1.944     1.476     1.227     1.042     0.920

Final drive ratios:


Key technical features:

• Drum style shift mechanism for fast, reliable gear changes

• Strengthened LM25 alloy outer casing

• 6 wider than standard gears for additional strength

• Choice of straight cut ratios and final drives

• Retains stock FK clutch, differential, driveshafts, and mounts

• Can be used with original speed sensors

• New generation of gearchange mechanism allows for fitment into front or rear wheel drive configurations

• Compatible with flatshift systems

• Includes oil temperature sensor

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